Chaya Yoga

Chaya Yoga (Shadow Yoga) is a school of Hatha Yoga based on the practical understanding of the classical Yoga texts.


The three fixed forms of Shadow Yoga utilize the guiding principles of Marmasthana (the Indian system of the 108 vital junctions of the body). The physical cultivation is achieved through movements that follow the rhythms of nature. These have been adapted from the range of human activities including traditional dance, martial arts, crafts of life and from the animal and plant kingdoms. The sequences progress from fluid, through static-dynamic, to stillness: with interchanging patterns of spiral, circular and linear movement.


The variations of the five body positions of forward, sideward, backward, twisting and balancing bring about different states of transformation. This is achieved through their influence over the five major winds (motivators of Pranic force) that are responsible for the basic life functions.


The appropriate combination of these activities with suitable rhythm and movement of breath unfolds our natural intelligence and the inner powers hidden in the individual. As consciousness is awakened within, one develops the ability to see clearly. Liberation lies not in what the body has stored from the past but in how one responds to whatever manifests in any given moment. The goal is to differentiate the soul from everything that is not the soul.


The founder of Shadow Yoga is Sundernath (Shandor Remete). He has been practising Hatha Yoga since the age of six. His research background includes the study of martial arts, Ayurvedic and Siddha systems of medicine and the application of Varma Kalai (Marma Sthana).




Qigong is an ancient Chinese science which stimulates and balances Qi (life force). Sheng Zhen Gong (cultivation of the original, primordial sacred truth) is a style of moving and non-moving Qigong.


It is comprised of graceful, flowing movements and contemplations. The combination of physical and philosophical elements assist the return to our natural state of harmony and tranquillity. The forms consist of standing, sitting and supine postures that are suitable for all ages and abilities.


The benefits of this Qigong include:

Improving physical health – increasing circulation, balance, strengthening the immune system and promoting self-healing.
Emotional Wellbeing – reducing stress and negative emotions.
Elevating the spirit – the contemplations focus on opening and purifying the heart. This is experienced as the basic goodness that connects us to every other living being, embodied as compassion, unconditional love and wisdom.


The principal teacher is Master Li Jun Feng who was head coach of the world champion Chinese Wushu (martial arts) team. He now devotes himself entirely to teaching Sheng Zhen Gong.