Mark on the beach, early morning




After 25 seasons of competitive basketball, a serious back injury threatened to bring my playing days to an end. I sought help from doctors and physios who helped me in the short term but did not get to the source of the problem. A friend suggested I contact Mark at the Yoga and Qigong School of Sumner. After an assessment Mark suggested a programme to address the tightness in my hips and other muscle imbalances. After a year of Yoga my back pain started to fade and I was able to resume playing basketball. Eight years on and I am playing pain-free thanks to Mark’s Personal Practise Programme.

Matthew Hall, Builder


It was my privilege to have Mark Bouckoms as my Yoga teacher for some 20 years. Mark’s wide knowledge of Yoga theory, styles and practice enables him to address the diverse and individual needs of his students. He expertly guides his students to safe and beneficial outcomes as a result of his profound understanding of the body and its inter-relatedness with the mind. Above all else, Mark brings utmost integrity, dedication and professionalism to his teaching. He offers a unique personal approach, and to my mind, is in a category of his own as a teacher.

Nigel Dunlop, Barrister and Mediator, Auckland


In the course of my Qigong lessons with Mark I have restored energy, built strength and flexibility and had lots of laughs! As well as this, exercising in a way that focuses on balance and on being in tune with my body, has given me a deep sense of well being. I have enjoyed the meditative, flowing quality of the movement of Qigong and I leave classes feeling relaxed and energised. Mark is an excellent teacher with a caring, professional approach. His classes consistently have a peaceful and light hearted atmosphere. Mark’s instruction is clear and relaxed, and his many years of experience enable him to be truly attentive to the different needs of each class member.

Laura Close, Teacher